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“Best Sound” at Ascot 2023 from Soundstage with Kroma Atelier Stella!

“At the end of the day, if I had to vote for the best sound at UK Hi-Fi Show 2023, I would have put a checkmark next to Boyer Audio…”

Doug Schneider •

At the UK Hi-Fi Show, in Ascot, I heard a stunning system in the demonstration room of Boyer Audio, a UK distribution company. It had a pair of loudspeakers up front, the Stella, by the Spanish company Kroma Atelier, about which I knew little but, having heard these speakers, plan to learn more…

… I can’t deny that this megabuck system, despite the relatively inexpensive speakers, sounded great—eye-popping, ear-perking, jaw-dropping great. What most impressed me was the midrange, particularly when “The Sound of Silence,” by cover artist The Ghost of Johnny Cash, was played. I was flat-out floored by the robustness and texture of the voice and its in-the-room presence. That striking midband was manifest in other songs, too, as were the depth and tightness of the bass and feathery sweetness of the highs…

… Admittedly, I wasn’t familiar with the music playing at the Boyer Audio demo, nor was I familiar with the gear or the room. So, the takeaway from the foregoing account must only be this: I was impressed by what I heard, mostly by the sound of vocals, particularly in “The Sound of Silence.”

Doug Schneider •

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