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HiFi Critic review of the Borg

Doyen of hi-fi writers, and himself an electroacoustics engineer, Martin Colloms, has reviewed FinkTeam Borg this month in the UK’s prestigious independent magazine Hi-Fi Critic.

Martin’s review is an in-depth look at Borg about which he writes much, most important of all, we are pleased to say, he likes them. Here’s just one quote from his review:

“This design is a towering achievement, remarkable resolution in the bass matching that of many other fine loudspeakers in their optimal mid-range. Borg is both shocking and surprising. It has smooth frequency responses, very low distortion and presents an easy load for both amplifiers and cables. Technically accomplished – very low coloration, extended powerful bass, an almost magically sweet treble – it is the sense of musical performance here, the detail, the speed, the dynamics and the highly expressive timing which so greatly satisfies.”

The issue of hi-Fi Choice also includes another view of Borg from journalist and consultant Jon Honeyball as well as the back page guest slot with a piece from our own Karl-Heinz Fink. We’ve put the three of them together here for you to read.

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