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HiFi-Pig awards the Borg as Outstanding Product

Hi-Fi Pig published this super review of Borg!

“CONCLUSION I like the Borgs a LOT. They get pretty much everything right for me and it’s the fact that they are just so well put together, both in a physical sense construction-wise and also in the way they present music so naturally and so coherently. During the course of a couple of weeks or so living with a loudspeaker you usually are able to find something you don’t like or a niggle here and there, but I’m flummoxed to do this here and would simply be looking for something that isn’t there.
Throw what you like at these speakers and they act with nothing but the utmost coolness and unflappability, even when they are pushed very hard with and difficult material. Everything is there from the tight, textured and controlled bass, through the gorgeous mid-band and up into the wonderfully airy and detailed higher registers.
Add in the fact that the Borgs have a degree for the final user to tweak the sound to a greater or lesser extent and you have a winner.
This could well be the best speaker we have had here for review at Hifi Pig Towers below £30K and if you have the money to spend, they are not cheap, you should seriously consider them, even if the aesthetic of the cabinet isn’t to your taste.”

Please click here to read the full and original review.

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