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Kroma Atelier at Audio Show Deluxe 2023

Magnificent Display by Kroma's Uk Dealer Boyer Audio. Worth every minute at this year’s inaugural Audio Show Deluxe in Whittlebury Park. They had the pleasure to partner Kroma Atelier Stella Extreme with some of the very finest equipment from Engström, Shunyata Research and FalkenOhr.

“A good few people I had spoken to during the Sunday had said that this had been their favourite room of all the rooms” -Hifi Pi

“I enjoyed the music in this room and sat through a good few tracks – despite its physical appearance this is not a “show off” system in the way it performs, but neither does it underperform like so many beautifully built products can do.  It is unassuming, effective, unobtrusive in terms of letting the music through to the listener. A room worth going back to for more.” -Audiophile Musing

“By a million miles the best sound at the show – spent 3 very enjoyable hours in there.” – Audio Abattoir Forum

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