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Kroma Atelier Mimi wins Hifi + 25th Anniversary Award

"The Kroma Atelier Mimi is a two-way stand-mount loudspeaker that stands out in a very crowded market. Made by the Spanish audio company Kroma Atelier, the Mimi features a unique design with a front-ported cabinet made of Krion and a range of side-wall options for customisation. The speaker features a Hiquphon tweeter and a 165mm ScanSpeak mid/woofer, with a crossover made of highquality components sealed in resin. The matching stand is also made of Krion, with a Panzerholz top plate and feet for anti-resonance and acoustic damping.

The Mimi is easy to partner with any amplifier and can be used in small to mediumsized rooms. Placement in the listening room is crucial, with a preference for  ring the speakers along the room rather than down its length. We found that the Mimi delivers surprisingly deep and rich bass tones, even capable of producing

‘Lovecraftian’ rumbles.

It falls into the category of loudspeakers that prioritise musical integration and engagement over absolute precision. The Mimi makes music fun and, if it perhaps directs the listener’s attention away from microdynamics and  ligree detail that audiophiles often obsess over, it is instead laser-focused on the overall musical experience. That makes every recording a musical pleasure.

Despite its relatively small size, the Mimi also produces a deceptively big sound with a wide soundstage. Overall, the Kroma Atelier Mimi is a visually appealing and sonically impressive loudspeaker that stands out as a musically-entertaining loudspeaker, especially when played against runof-the-mill designs."

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