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Music has a much bigger impact that much are aware of.
Not only music plays everywhere, but it also influences us greatly: our values, our emotions and the stories that shape our life.
At Matterhorn Audio Group, we constantly travel to numerous countries and tradeshows looking for very special, standout products.  Products that are not like the rest, that really convey emotion, and represent music with precision. We select audio components designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.
our mission
To carefully select and represent fine high performance audio components, making them available to the audiophiles and music connoisseurs in North America through a professional and well supported dealer network. 
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Distribution regions:
US, Canada and Mexico

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Tim Lukas

Founding Partner

Tim is a Tonmeister and recording professional, musician and serial entrepreneur.

"Having studied record production with some of the best in the industry, It became apparent that accurate music reproduction is key to experiencing music the way it was meant to be heard - with realism and the depth of emotion"

Looking for that kind of music reproduction perfection has become Tim's Leitmotiv. 


Veronica Diaz Partner.jpg
Veronica Diaz

Managing Partner

Dealer Attention and Sales

With 5 years in high end audio and a long career in tech sales, Veronica shares with you the passion for music and high performance electronics. She has the commitment to make your experience with us pleasant and hassle free!


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