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Danish review of the Borg

Another great review of the Borg, this time by Danish web magazine

Here’s a few quotes;

“There is no shortage of dynamics in Apocalyptica’s “Worlds Collide”, here a very solid big drum rendition also helps a great deal. It’s nice to hear the dynamics, and also the differentiation in the recordings between each cello, especially considering the massive wall of sound the song offers.”
“The sound is overall tight, homogeneous and not least extremely open. The interaction between the treble module and the bass/midrange unit is close to flawless, the transition completely fluid, and the treble module contributes a great deal of detail and resolution that so much lives up to whatever one throws at.”
“Jan Johansson’s “Visa From Utanmyra” is nothing short of amazing. The small subtle differences in the contours of the double bass are reproduced deeply, correctly and in detail, again with an openness, resolution and detail that is only surpassed by how well-integrated bass and treble module is. If you have played the piano yourself, you will be impressed with exactly every key is played and tonally reproduced, and how easy it is to hear the individual overtones, even if it goes strong once in a while.”

Read all the review here.

You can also download an English Translation of the review here.

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