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FinkTeam Kim Review at HiFi Pig Magazine: Impressive Loudspeaker

Stuart Smith from HiFi Pig was impressed by the FinkTeam Kim. It awarded it with the Editor's Choice:

He said:

"I like these speakers a lot! They are perhaps one of the best loudspeakers we have had in the house in the sub ten grand price-point and had I not just bought another turntable I’d have been having a pair of these in a heartbeat. Yes, they are that good!
Key takeaways are speed, clarity, and an open airiness.
At low volumes, they are a delight but put some power up them and they just come alive in a wonderfully dynamic and engaging way.
The soundstage is vast with KIM – and I mean in every dimension.
There is a certain quality to these speakers that just drags you in, tells you to shut up, and to take notice of the music that is playing. I listened and listened to album after album. They feel unforced and they are natural-sounding uncoloured and true to the recording."

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