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FinkTeam Kim Wins HIFI Critic Audio Excellence Award

We are excited to announce our the latest KIM review just published in the new issue of the UK’s premier magazine HiFi Critic, reviewed by its Editor, Martin Colloms, who is also a well-known loudspeaker designer and has written several books on the subject, including “High Performance Loudspeakers: Optimising High Fidelity Loudspeaker Systems”.

KIM been awarded the HIFICRITIC Audio Excellence Award.

Attached is a PDF of the review magazine It is really worth reading all of the review but a taster is in the Conclusion:

".......KIM’s infectious well-timed musicality takes sound reproduction beyond mere process, to achieve a higher level of listener involvement and satisfaction.

It wins the HIFICRITIC Audio Excellence Award, and does so triumphantly." Thank you Martin.

You can subscribe to the magazine by clicking in the image below:

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