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FinkTeam's New Borg Episode 2

Updated: May 18, 2023

Exciting news! FinkTeam will be premiering the new Fink Team Borg Episode 2 at the 2023 Munich High End show. The Episode 2 evolution is an exceptional two-way floor-standing speaker system that promises to deliver an immersive audio experience. With quieter cabinets, an impressive 10.25-inch mid/bass driver, an upgraded AMT tweeter, and other new design developments, the FinkTeam Borg is expected to deliver the impressive sound we expect from FinkTeam.

The original BORG has been on the market for five years, launched in 2018 on the High-End in Munich. So what improvements have FinkTeam made in the past five years?

The cabinet stayed almost the same, still with the impressively low cabinet resonances as the Borg. Only the bottom plater got a new shape to tilt the loudspeaker slightly backwards for better image control. The woofer stayed the same and the tweeter only got a small modification for better decoupling from the cabinet.

The tweeter is an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) operating according to the principles established by its inventor Oskar Heil. Developed by Mundorf together with FinkTeam and manufactured specifically for FinkTeam by Mundorf, the AMT has a strong 25um-thick pleated Kapton diaphragm with 50um aluminum strips. This material has extremely good internal damping, resulting in particularly low distortion.

The big jump for better performance was the crossover. Instead of using resistors to adjust the tweeter level, a transformer is in charge. Such a transformer (Autoformer) has been used in classic BBC speakers, but also in big monitors from JBL or TANNOY. The version in BORG EPISODE 2 is made in Germany and potted in Wax for protection against vibrations. The first capacitor in the tweeter feed is a special Duelund PP and Silver Hybrid type plus a second MUNDORF capacitor in parallel. A new terminal panel with new settings helps to fine- tune the system.. It is possible to upgrade existing BORG speakers in the factory to the new version.

As one would expect, Borg’s mid-bass driver is custom designed and manufactured precisely for the purpose.10.25 inch mid/bass units are relatively unusual. Crossing them well to HF units is not trivial. Still, FinkTeam is a remarkable company: a significant technical challenge is just a design exercise that may take a little longer to solve.

The benefits of a 10.25 inch mid/bass once heard are difficult to forget. A level of dynamics and naturalness around voices that is unusual and a richness to the sound without bloom or boom (in a well-designed system) that just sounds right.

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