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Stefan Brochowski Listens to the Borg

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Stefan Brochowski, one of the editors of the blog, was at the booth of IDC Klaassen during the Süddeutsche HiFi-Tage and after an extensive conversation with FinkTeam mastermind Karl-Heinz Fink had the opportunity to listen to the floor loudspeaker Borg.

You can read the original article in German on the blog, or continue reading the unedited Google Translate version here

Rarely have we read such an emotional description of sound impressions ….

As soon as the first notes came in and reached my perception, I felt a hovering and tingling sensation within me that was not only tangible in all areas of sound description such as timing, space dimensions, free play, tonal correctness, bass control and all these analytical descriptions. Yes, the speaker Finkteam Borg can do that perfectly.

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