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One Of The Most Entertaining Systems - The Ear

Updated: Jun 1, 2020 show report on May 2018

Karl-Heinz Fink presenting the FinkTeam Borgs on the Munich High Show 2018

One of the most entertaining systems at High End was fronted by Fink Team’s new Borg loudspeaker. This floorstander combines a 10inch paper cone mid/bass that Karl-Heinz Fink (below) and his team have managed to get working up to a 1,600 Hz crossover point with the AMT tweeter. Borg has a lot of adjustments for a passive speaker including: variable damping for amps with different damping factors, ‘mid’ allows you to place the stereo image at a depth that appeals while ‘presence’ can be tweaked to match amp and source character. Borg sounded very good with Audionet power amps, a Phonosophie streamer and Marantz SA-10 used as a DAC.
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