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“With the Voyage CD Player, high-resolution digital music replay has never been more popular! Its convenience, variety and versatility make it a “must-have” in any Hi-Fi system.”


Whether you prefer to stream music from the internet, or a local network, the Voyage CD Player will convert your high-resolution digital data files into analogue perfectly.


As its name suggests, legacy Compact Discs can also be played to perfection on its rugged and reliable Stream Unlimited CD80 slot-drive transport.


Cosmetically, the Voyage CD Player matches the Voyage i20 Integrated Amplifier. Its rugged 2mm thick steel case and luxurious 12mm extruded aluminium front panel is available in either a black or a brushed and anodised silver finish. Discreet push buttons mounted on the wide acrylic window operate the main CD functions, digital input selection, and volume control.


All functions can also be remotely controlled for convenience!


A large OLED display indicates all functions and settings and its brightness can be adjusted or turned off completely.


The Voyage CD Player can be described simply as a “digital pre-amplifier”, allowing the user to easily select between six digital sources and control the volume in the digital domain if required.


To ensure the Voyage CD delivers top-class performance, Creek has chosen to use a premium AKM 32-bit digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) with VELVET SOUND™ technology, for its low-level distortion and wide dynamic range characteristics. The DAC’s switched capacitor filter design enables it to support a wide signal range and its Over Sampling Ratio Doubler technology greatly reduces out-of-band noise.


“Sound quality through passion, design and innovation.”
Mike Creek – Creek Audio

Creek Audio - Voyage CD


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