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Pacific Audio Show - Rooms 2207 and 2210

Experience breakthrough sound performance at Matterhorn Audio rooms 2207 and 2210 at the Pacific Audio Fest (July 29-31, Hotel Hilton Doubletree Airport @ Seattle, WA).

In Room 2210, we'll play a nice array of Kroma Atelier loudspeakers, including the Kroma Norma and the premiere in America of the wonderful Kroma Mimī Xtreme monitor.

In Room 2207 we'll play the fantastic FinkTeam Borg and the Kim, along with Creek Audio top-of-the line Voyage i20 & CD and HiDiamond cables.

We are completing our system with the collaboration of Linn (Organik DSM streamer), Ansuz Acoustics accessories and Viola Labs (Sonata and Cadence).

A special note for dealers, we will be having private auditions during the show days, please contact for scheduling your visit.

Looking forward to see you in Seattle!

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