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IAP is like a Swiss Army Knife for audiophiles. It optimizes almost any sound system, room, and listening situation.


The Swiss Illusonic IAP is a unique audio processor, preamp, DAC, phono stage and more. It optimizes almost any sound system, room, and listening situation par excellence. There are no unnecessary signal transmissions and conversions.


The IAP comes with 2, or up to 16 channels, with high quality DA converters. Almost any type of source can connect; Phono, digital, USB, network, HDMI. Unlike other audio  processors that are pc based, the IAP does not need cooling and uses a dedicated signal processor.


The IAP is calibrated with high precision filters, crossovers, and bass management linearize the system and optimize it for the room.︎


The number of possibilities is immense: different rooms, different setups, different

number of channels, different listening habits: Complexity is high and chance of

error, too. To ensure an optimally tuned system for each customer, Illusonic developed its remote tuning system, by which Illusonic professionals analyze and tune each customer’s system and room acoustic. Tuning service is included for free with every IAP.




Illusonic IAP Audio Processor


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